How much do you charge for a disco?

Please see our Pricing Page

What music do you play?

We cater for every occasion, from the 50s to the current charts, including speciallist R&B, Chillout not forgetting the classic party tunes and many, many more. Requests are explained below.

What area/s do you cover?

   Serious Sounds cover mainland UK. Our DJ's are willing to travel to offer you the Serious Sounds ultimate disco experience.

Will you play music I want to hear?

Yes we will. We will send out by post or you can fill out a request form online. We think this is very important as this is your night and we encourage you to list as many favourite artists or styles/genres as you wish. We will also meet with you prior to your event to get ideas from you. Please Note - Our DJ's are professional DJ's and have many years experience in the disco world and will read your guests and play requests where possible.

Do we need to sign anything?

Yes you do. We will send you a legal binding contract that we need you to read and sign. This contract is a legal binding document that both parties need to sign. It confirms the date, venue, type of event and many more important facts.

What do your DJ's wear?

Our DJ's dress code is our smart uniform. But if you wish for our DJ to wear something more suitable for your occasion, please indicate your personal preference when contacting us.

We have found another company who are offering quality Djs at a lower price-can you match their quote?

We will endeavor to match any competitor quote! Please call with the details and we will do our very best to compete.

The venue wish to see Public Liability and PAT Certificates?

That is not a problem, most venues need to see these important documents by law. We will contact your chosen venue before your event so you have no need to worry.

How do we pay?

The deposit will need to be paid to us by cheque (see futher below). The outstanding balance will need to be completed by either cash or Bank Transfer. Its also important to note that we do not accept cheque for the outstanding balance. A valid receipt will also be issued

How do I know you will not let us down?

This is a question we hear a lot. We gurantee not to let you down. Your DJ will contact you once the booking has been confirmed by both parties. If for any reason our DJ is ill we have "standby DJ's". You will also be given your DJ's personal mobile number if you wish to contact him/her at any time.

My mate, he/she's a DJ, can he/she use your equipment too?

Unfortunately no. Please call 07791 013566.

How long do you need to set-up?

We normally ask for one one hour to set-up all our equipment and one hour to dismantle. For a wedding we can set-up during the day before the event but this will be explained in the contract.

How much space do you need?

We would ask for a good amount of space (4m x 3m) would be ideal, but for larger venues this may be increased.

We would like you to play longer then we agreed. Can this be done?

Yes. If you need us to carry on after the set time and this has been agreed with by the venue management we will continue to entertain. The charge maybe £50+ per hour but will be agreed at the time by your DJ.

What Will You Need At The Venue?

We require at least two, unshared 13 amp power sockets and a stage area or other area set aside for us. For parties hosted inside a Marquee we have a special requirements leaflet which is available on request. If you are worried that we will not fit in a space, please get in touch!

We are happy and want to book you. What do we do now?

We will send you our Terms & Condition, Contract, Your Party/Event Information Pack and Request Form which will need to be read, signed and returned to us with a deposit normally £50.00. (If we do not receive your signed forms at least two weeks after posting, we can not guarantee your required date will be available.) Once we are in receipt of the deposit, this will confirm your required date and we will send you a Confirmation Form. We will also be in contact prior to your party or event.Please Note: We require the outstanding balance to be paid at the event or party before it begins. Please note we do not accept a Cheque for the outstanding balance on the night. You are welcome to do so at least one week before the chosen date and once the Cheque has cleared.

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